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Why should I enroll in the "SuperCoaching for UPSC CSE"?
SuperCoaching, the best online coaching for UPSC provides access to the aspirants to UPSC courses by more than 20+ Super Teachers at a minimal fee. Our SuperCoaching is curated in such a way that it covers all aspects of UPSC preparations including complete GS preparation for Prelims & Mains, CSAT, Current Affairs, Optionals & Essay answer writing under one umbrella.
Who are Super Teachers of Testbook's SuperCoaching?
Super Teachers are notably the best set of teachers across the country in their respective subjects & domains. They are not only known for their distinguished skills to explain subjects but have also contributed to the success of thousands of aspirants over the years making them the most preferable mentors for their respective subjects. For example, the ability to blend Current Affairs with Public Administration makes Salamuddin Sir, the go-to-teacher for Public Administration subjects.
How can I get FREE Demo Lessons for "SuperCoaching" ?
The Testbook users simply have to click on “Start Free Demo” to access the Free sessions of each Super Teacher & can get additional access to the Study Notes, Practice Questions, and Quizzes. New users will have to sign up using their Name, valid Email ID, and a valid mobile number to access the free demo lessons.
Will I be able to ask doubts? If yes, how?
Yes, once you have purchased the SuperCoaching, click on the “Doubts & Discussion'' tab on your course dashboard and ask for any subject-related doubts. These doubts will be answered by experts within 24 hours.
Will I get access to the tests? Do I have to buy the test series separately?
SuperCoaching comes as a complete package that will include access to the test series as well. We encourage you to attempt the tests along with the courses in SuperCoaching so you get actual exam experience. This will of course help you to review your preparation levels too.
What will be the start date and validity of the SuperCoaching?
The SuperCoaching plan starts from the day you make a purchase for the same. Validity of the SuperCoaching depends on the plan you have purchased and you will continue to have access till the plan validity is over. You can also check your SuperCoaching’s validity in your account settings or on the main page itself.
What is the previous selection record of Testbook students?
Testbook has over 50,246+ selections. To check our past selections, check out the Selection details at our dedicated page by clicking on the top left menu at the app dashboard.
How can I purchase the UPSC course?
Go to Testbook App and click on “Enroll Now”/”Buy Now”, thereafter sign up using your Name, valid Email ID, new password, and a valid mobile number. You can then select a payment method - Card (Debit or Credit), Netbanking, Mobile Wallet, or UPI. Once the payment is made, you will get the confirmation from our end and your course will be added to your account. For additional assistance, Contact our toll free number 1800 203 0577, Timings : 10AM-6PM
Can the classes be downloaded?
Yes. you will be able to download the classes on the Testbook App. You can find them in the Downloads section on the app.
Are these live classes or video classes?
SuperCoaching contains video courses and live classes from our panel of Super Teachers & Testbook experts. These shall include different types of live classes which will take place daily. You will have access to both live series and video courses till your SuperCoaching is valid.
What happens if I miss a live class?
Although we encourage you to follow the course schedule, in case you are not able to do so for any reason, you will be able to access recordings of these classes on our platform easily to watch at your convenience.
Where can I access this SuperCoaching after purchase?
Once the course is added to your account, you need to log in, click on “Super” on Testbook App. For additional assistance, Contact our toll free number 1800 203 0577, Timings : 10AM-6PM
I can buy these courses through Teacher’s website. Why should I buy SuperCoaching then?
SuperCoaching promises a number of UPSC courses and offerings under an umbrella with a cost-efficient price structure. If one tries to buy the same individually from different platforms, it’ll get pretty expensive. Some courses sell at a cost as high as INR 1 Lac. With us, you’ll be able to access all the teachers’ courses under one SuperCoaching at no extra cost.
Which optional subjects are covered in SuperCoaching?
Currently, SuperCoaching covers optional courses for PSIR, Public Administration, Anthropology, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy and History. We’ll be adding more optional subject courses for UPSC soon.
How to access the UPSC optional subject courses in SuperCoaching?
Once you log in to the app, you simply have to go to the UPSC CSE Goal
Is SuperCoaching or Testbook the same? If yes, then what does SuperCoaching offer?
SuperCoaching is a part of Testbook’s efforts to offer quality UPSC IAS preparation material to aspirants with various add-ons. The concept of SuperCoaching is introduced to help students access all the best or rather the super teacher of the country. It is a complete UPSC online coaching and preparation platform which shall include the Test series, Courses and Live classes.
Who should buy SuperCoaching for IAS preparation?
This course is meant for all possible batches of students. Whether you are a fresher, working professional or someone who has been preparing for UPSC for a long time, it’ll match the requirements just fine. We cover the concepts from the basic to the advanced levels which shall help the aspirants get a grip on the topics. This also includes the preparation for NCERT topics, CSAT and GS Foundation for both Prelims and Mains examinations of UPSC. Along with this, the optional subjects are comprehensively covered. We cover high-quality video lectures which can be watched as per convenience. This offers flexibility to the aspirants who’d prefer a self-paced online UPSC course.
What is the best UPSC optional subject to choose?
There is no such best optional subject for UPSC because the selection of an optional subject depends upon the strengths & weaknesses of a candidate. You can choose the optional subject based on your interests.
Can we get a Brochure of SuperCoaching?
Sure, it is available under the “Download brochure” button on the UPSC CSE goal tab on your app dashboard. It shall hopefully answer all your questions related to our UPSC coaching program.
Will course material be available in hard copy form or soft copy and is it downloadable?
The UPSC course material will be available in the PDF format which will be downloadable. The aspirants, if required, can convert the same in the hard copy form.
Is there any restriction on the number of times these videos can be watched?
No, the students can watch the videos as many times as they wish to. There are no restrictions from our end on the same.
What should I expect after I pay for the SuperCoaching for UPSC Preparation??
Once you have paid for the SuperCoaching, all the UPSC courses will be unlocked for you. You can watch any recorded courses, access any live classes and download the study notes as needed.
How Super Teachers are different from a normal UPSC CSE teacher?
The Super Teachers live up to their names. There is a specific selection criteria we follow while choosing these teachers for our pool. The following are the major criteria- 1. The Super teachers hold UPSC Coaching experience of at least 5 years. 2. These are among the top 5 teachers for their respective subjects in terms of popularity and selection. 3. Must have taught at least 1000+ students in offline UPSC coaching. 4. We give equal importance to academic qualifications as well. The teachers must be either UPSC Mains Qualified or should hold a PhD in the focus subjects. In the case of CSAT, we prefer them if they are alumni of premium educational institutes such as IITs.
How is SuperCoaching different from other UPSC online coaching classes?
If one compares the offering, it’ll become very clear. While most online coachings offer coaching classes for one particular exam/course, SuperCoaching offers courses beyond it all. With us, you’ll be able to get access to the UPSC courses for Prelims, Mains as well as the optional subjects. Additionally, the IAS aspirants can access the NCERT & CSAT-specific online coaching & preparation material too.
This will be my first attempt for UPSC Exam. Please suggest how I should proceed?
If this is your first attempt for UPSC IAS Exam, start with the basics. We’d advise you to begin with NCERT. Can check out GS Foundation batch by Salamuddin Ansari sir and others and attend the live classes.
How to prepare for CSAT other than solving past year papers?
Solving previous year papers is a must for any exam preparation. But this is where you would need a differentiating factor. We have a dedicated course from one of the CAT toppers (With 99.91 percentile), teaching experience for IIT JEE and is now popular for teaching CSAT subjects to non-engineering students. When you have Super Teachers like these to learn from, CSAT wouldn’t feel like the challenge it seems otherwise.
SuperCoaching is far cheaper than other online UPSC coaching players. Then why is it being considered as the best online coaching for UPSC?
We claim it as the best because of the quality of education imparted here. The top UPSC faculties in the business charge pretty high. Some players in this field offer UPSC live classes which again becomes a costly affair. We understand that most of the UPSC CSE aspirants prefer self-paced video courses. With the concept of SuperCoaching, we assure you that our high-quality recorded courses for UPSC cover it all with convenience. Strictly speaking from a business point of view, we are simply passing the benefit to the students. Our Live classes cover Current affairs, Daily mock tests and revision classes to bridge in the gap, if any.
Can I share my testbook account with my friend/relative?
No, You can not share your account with anyone. If you do so, Our systems will detect it and block your account immediately.
Why Testbook Supercoaching is one of the best online platform for UPSC preparation?
Testbook Supercoaching offers a wide range of UPSC Online Courses and resources from the some of the best UPSC coaching centers in India at affordable rates. By registering in our coaching platform, you will get the right guidance from India's Super Teachers which will pave your way to clear the UPSC exam.